Protected Bike Lane Demo at Embarcadero Sunday Streets

Do you love Sunday Streets? Because we do!

Sunday Streets is a monthly event that opens streets up to people walking, biking and dancing by closing them to automobiles for a few hours on a weekend. This year’s Sunday Streets kicked off with beautiful weather last weekend on three miles of the Embarcadero.

Because we love protected bike lanes just as much as we love Sunday Streets, we created a short, temporary stretch of protected bike lanes on the Embarcadero this past Sunday. 

The demo was inspired by Bike East Bay’s protected bike lane demo for Telegraph Avenue, which helped lead their project to be approved by the Oakland City Council in December. At Sunday Streets, we too wanted to show people biking just how great it can feel to ride on truly inviting infrastructure.

Protected Bikeway demo at Embarcadero Sunday Streets

By using some temporary traffic tape and plastic tubs, we transformed about 100 feet of the Embarcadero to create a two-way protected bike lane so that the thousands of people enjoying Sunday Streets by bike could test it out.

The results were revealing: there was plenty of space for pedicabs, scraper bikes, tall bikes and family bikes to comfortably ride in both directions. More than anything, it was a start to the conversation of what our waterfront could look like. Take a look at the full album of photos here!

Want to dig even deeper? Join our community organizer, Janice Li, on a survey ride of the Embarcadero to get engaged in the SF Bicycle Coalition’s campaign work on our waterfront. The ride is members only, which makes this is a great time to join or renew your membership.

Embarcadero Survey Ride *
Saturday, March 28 at 10AM

Location TBD

* This ride has been postponed and will be rescheduled later in April.

See you in the (protected) bike lanes!

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