Bayshore Bike Lanes are getting a Boost

Exciting updates are coming to Bayshore Boulevard that will bring much needed improvements to its existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and we need your input on the proposed plans!

Bayshore Boulevard is a busy mix of heavy industry, small businesses, and big box stores, while also serving as a critical bike connection route for southeastern neighborhoods that leads to major links such as the Hairball and the Alemany Maze. Though there have been improvements to its existing bike paths in the past, many gaps remain, leaving people who bike, walk, and roll especially vulnerable to high speed traffic.

The project aims to address the gaps from past improvement efforts, while also building out new segments that provide separate and protected space for people on bikes. The design and construction of the project will be split in two phases, and cover Bayshore Boulevard from Jerrold to Silver Avenues. Phase one will start at Silver Avenue and extend north to Oakdale Avenue with the following proposed biking improvements: a fully protected bike lane separated from traffic by floating parking, a concrete median stretching from Cortland Ave to Oakdale Ave, and a protected right turn at the intersection of Industrial and Bayshore. This phase will also include improvements to pedestrian crossing visibility at key intersections. In order to make these changes, these improvements could remove up to 34 parking spaces.

Phase two continues north from Oakdale to Jerrold Avenue, with a couple of design options for a two-way bike lane being put forth by the SFMTA. The first option separates the bike lane from the adjacent three travel lanes by bollards. The second option removes a traffic lane, leaving two northbound vehicle travel lanes while adding a floating parking lane that would separate the bike path from traffic. However, there are some lingering questions on how SFMTA plans to smoothly transition the two way bike path to the single bike lane in the southbound direction.

Your input on this project will help ensure the proposed designs can have the most impact on the safety of people using Bayshore Boulevard to travel between neighborhoods such as the Mission, Bernal Heights, the Bayview, and the Portola district. There are a few ways you can provide feedback on the project proposal: fill out this brief survey by May 31, and come out to Bayview Sunday Streets on Sunday, May 22, where the project team will be tabling and taking input in-person.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to

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