Bike to School — And Then to Work

Biking parent

Maelig Morvan’s morning commute often includes a few different stops — first to drop five-year old Eilwenn at preschool, then to drop nine-year old Melor at elementary school, and then to UCSF Parnassus for work. Maelig and his two children ride around all of San Francisco in a non-motorized cargo bike from their home in the Outer Sunset.

Biking has been an important part of Maelig’s life for many years. “I’ve biked and had a bike for as long as I can remember,” he says. Maelig began biking in San Francisco on his first day in the city and hopes to transmit that passion to his two kids.

Eilwenn and Melor love riding to school as a family, although Melor can’t wait to be on his own bike one day. For Maelig, biking his kids to school has many different benefits. “Showing them how sustainable modes of transportation are just as enjoyable as being driven around, if not more,” is a key reason why they choose to bike to school as a family. He adds, “it’s a great dad-kids bonding time that you can’t have while driving.”

San Francisco’s Bike & Roll to School Week took place April 15-19. With a record number of over 100 schools participating across the city this year, parents like Maelig had the opportunity to follow their children’s lead in biking to school.

After dropping the kids off, Maelig loves the freedom of biking to work. “My favorite thing about biking to work is being in control of my commute.”

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