Caltrain Board Rolls Back Progress

After hundreds of people wrote in and over 20 public speakers showed up in person, the Caltrain Board rejected our pleas to take bike theft seriously at their meeting earlier this month. We are disappointed in their decision to limit bike accommodations on their future electrified fleet, but our advocacy for a bike-friendly Caltrain will continue.

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So many of you took the time to write an email supporting our ask for three or more bike cars on Caltrain’s future fleet — thank you. We believe there should be at least three cars per train so that passengers are able to see their bike from their seat. However, the Caltrain Board unanimously voted to maintain the status quo: two bike cars with seven seats in view of 36 bike spaces on each bike car.

The work doesn’t end now. Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will continue to advocate for onboard bike security.

For those that park their bike at Caltrain stations, the news is better: after years of discussion, Caltrain has committed $3.5 million to expanding secure bike parking at stations. We’ll be pushing to see those funds implemented quickly so that Caltrain passengers with bikes have more options available to them.

Caltrain has seen decades of incremental progress and is now one of the leading transit systems in the world in accommodating bikes onboard.  As bike advocates, we will continue to work with our members to keep pushing that momentum forward.

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