Caltrain Purchases New Cars: Let’s Make Them Bike Cars!

More rail cars are coming to Caltrain!

Last week, the Caltrain Board of Directors approved a purchase of 16 used rail cars from Metrolink.

As we all know, Caltrain ridership has been rapidly growing, with bike ridership leading the way. In the past ten years, there has been a 364% growth in the number of bikes on Caltrain. In fact, 13% of all Caltrain riders bring their bikes. Much of this growth is thanks to the service having accommodations for bikes, but despite this, many people are still denied boarding every day due to lack of capacity.


We need your help to convince Caltrain to retrofit the new cars to be bike cars. This would significantly improve your everyday commute and is the most direct solution to the issue of limited bike capacity. Here’s how you can take action:

1. Email Caltrain by September 30 saying that the new cars must be bike cars.
Be sure to be heard! Your email will be sent to the Caltrain Board and be published as a public comment in time for their meeting on October 2.  Click here for a template.

Suggested points to include:

  • Describing yourself and how you use Caltrain, and include your city or residence in your signature
  • Thanking Caltrain for their purchase
  • Urging Caltrain to add a third bike car to all trains and explaining how this will improve their service by reducing bumps and increasing ridership and revenue

2. Attend the Caltrain Board meeting on October 2.
Better yet, address your public comment directly to the decision makers. They will be holding their monthly meeting on October 2 from 10AM to 12PM at their headquarters in San Carlos. While this is not the most convenient time or location for many, we need to show the Caltrain Board how many of us depend on combining bikes and transit to get around from home to work, school, family and beyond. Email if you can make it.

3. Report all bicycle bumps.
Continue to show Caltrain that this is an ongoing issue. Report your bumps here so we have an accurate representation of how this affects people every single day.

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