Getting More People on Two Wheels: Meet Daniel Cavey

By Amanda Rivas


Longtime member and SF resident Daniel Cavey is no stranger to biking on the city’s hilly streets. He’s been riding in the city since 1997, but it was only after seeing the Embarcadero’s Bike Hut that he became motivated to do more for his workplace and encourage his co-workers to get rolling. Whether you’re evangelizing for biking among your coworkers or not, we welcome you to become a member of the SF Bicycle Coalition like Daniel and support our advocacy for transforming San Francisco’s streets today.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What first led you to become a member of the SF Bicycle Coalition?
Daniel: Before I even moved to San Francisco in 1997 I already knew that I wanted to be able to bike the city, to have that kind of lifestyle. Once I settled in, I wasn’t riding as much as I wanted to so participating in Bike to Work Day and joining the SF Bicycle Coalition felt like a natural choice to support something I wanted to do more.

What do you enjoy the most about the SF Bicycle Coalition community and events?
I like the options for workshops and riding classes to encourage everyone to become more confident with their bike.

What inspired you to create your “bike hut” at work for fellow riders among your co-workers?
I discovered the real Bike Hut while on a weekend Woodside/Pescadero/Tunitas Creek ride with my co-worker Andy. It was such a thoughtful thing to set up to help someone in need. I wanted to emulate that while encouraging my co-workers to ride. It’s just the worst after a long day when you might not be too excited to ride home, only to discover a flat or other issue. I don’t want anyone to be stuck, so I decided to swing by Sports Basement and start stocking it up.

Any future plans for your “bike hut”?
I’d love if other folks contributed to it, everyone chipping in a bit and making it better and more well stocked. It would be really great if the idea caught on at other offices’ bike cages; that would be really cool.

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