Planned Safety Improvements Preserved for Upper Market

When we work together towards a common goal, we can win real change through people power. It’s been a busy 24 hours, and you’ve proven yet again that our members’ support for safety improvements can make all the difference on whether San Francisco’s streets become the bikeable, welcoming places you deserve.

Over 400 emails flooded Supervisor Jeff Sheehy’s inbox in the last 24 hours to hold him accountable to his expressed support for parking-protected bike lanes on Upper Market Street. And today, Sup. Sheehy led the full Board of Supervisors to uphold the decision by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors and unanimously reject an appeal to further delay protected bike lanes on Market from Octavia to Duboce. We thank Sup. Sheehy and his colleagues for ensuring due process of the appeal by considering the concerns but ultimately finding it without merit

Why was this appeal heard in the first place? A private citizen filed an appeal last month expressing concerns around the filing of the paperwork required for the environmental review. The appellant’s issues were not with the environmental review itself, but with how the submission was filed. In a subsequent letter, the appellant further stated that he hoped to resolve these concerns and “possibly resolve the appeal without the Board needing to hear it.”

The decision by the Board of Supervisors upholds the project, rejects the appeal and considers the issues resolved. And this victory for safety improvements on Upper Market Street could not have been possible without the diligence and commitment of our members. What this means for you is that the protected bike lanes on Upper Market Street will be implemented as rapidly as the City is capable.

The last 24 hours was a clear display of our members’ power in holding our City accountable. As one member wrote in his email to Sup. Sheehy, “It makes no sense that a Vision Zero city would put off these much needed changes.” We agree. As San Francisco is committed to ending severe and fatal traffic crashes by 2024, we need to come together and urgently take actions towards meeting that goal.

It starts here today with Upper Market Street, and our efforts continue as we fight for protected bike lanes throughout the city.

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