Guest Post from CalBike: Support the Complete Streets Bill

Complete Streets Bill

California’s local bicycle coalitions, like your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, are changing the conversation about local streets and roads, and celebrating many important victories, like the recent implementation of San Francisco’s quick-build process.

But when it comes to making progress with state highways — like 19th Avenue or Sloat Boulevard — local agencies’ hands are tied, and there’s not much groups like the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition can do. Our state transportation agency, Caltrans, is in control, and we can’t move forward. That’s why we need you to help us push forward Senate Bill 127, the Complete Streets Bill. 

This bill, authored by San Francisco’s own Senator Scott Wiener and sponsored by the California Bicycle Coalition, will require Caltrans to add bike lanes and other safety improvements to state-owned surface streets (like Sloat Boulevard and 19th Avenue) every time they repave or repair the street! This is the most economical time to add bike lanes or safe crossings — when they are already digging up the street.

Caltrans has long prioritized moving cars quickly. But, if this campaign succeeds, they’ll have to prioritize safe bicycling and walking too.

Please let lawmakers know you care about Complete Streets by signing on to the California Bicycle Coalition’s action alert. Thank you for letting lawmakers know that you care about this critical bill.

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