It’s Nearly Bike & Roll to School Week!

Over 6,000 students, parents and school staff will bike and roll to nearly 90 participating schools in San Francisco April 16-20 in celebration of the city’s ninth annual Bike & Roll to School Week.

We’re joining the parents and staff at Buena Vista Horace Mann School in the Mission to honor Mr. Zack Rollins, as this year’s Bike to School Champion. Mr. Zack is at the schoolyard entrance every morning, warmly encouraging students and parents to bike and roll.

“This is one of those invisible tasks that make biking and rolling to school really work when it is done well,” says Ana Validzic, Program Manager for Safe Routes to School at the SF Department of Public Health. “Mr. Zack does this with such enthusiasm and efficiency and it shows. Buena Vista Horace Mann has one of the highest rates of bicycling within SFUSD.”

Mr. Zack has worked at Buena Vista Horace Mann for over 30 years. Alumna Julie Wong remembers him from when she was a student at Horace Mann Middle School in the 1990’s.

“He had such a great presence at the school and was always there on the playground connecting with students and ensuring we were safe,” Julie said. “After all these years, it’s so great to hear that Mr. Zack continues to support the students of Buena Vista Horace Mann.”

Congratulations to Mr. Zack, biking and rolling families at Buena Vista Horace Mann, and the thousands of families all over San Francisco celebrating Bike & Roll to School Week April 16-20. If you would like to be a Bike to School Champion like Mr. Zack, pump up your tires and join the fun next week! Registered schools and their celebration dates are listed here.

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