Light Up the Night Like Ben!

True to his name, Ben Sun is a shining star during the darkest months of the year. Along with dozens of other SF Bicycle Coalition volunteers, Ben helps us Light up the Night and distribute front and rear lights to people riding without. Over the past couple of years, Ben has helped make the magic happen by schlepping hundreds of lights to distribution locations across town. We caught up with Ben recently to learn what moves him to volunteer, and why Light Up the Night is such a special event to him.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What made you start volunteering with the SF Bicycle Coalition?

Ben: I have been cycling in SF for over 25 years. It is one of the best way to get around and get to know this glorious city. Besides, it is fun to volunteer with fellow SF Bicycle Coalition members!

What are some of the different SF Bicycle Coalition projects you’ve volunteered with? Any favorite memories?

I’ve volunteered with Valet Bike Parking at various events, Light Up the Night, helping out at the SF Bicycle Coalition office to work off my parking tickets through Project 20 and Volunteer Night. My favorite memory is Valet Bike Parking at a concert in Golden Gate Park. We parked a hundred or maybe a thousand bikes that night. We were all running back and forth!

What do you love about volunteering with Light up the Night?

I like to have everyone ride safely, especially at night. We should be highly visible!

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with the SF Bicycle Coalition?

Hike (I love Yosemite), host Couchsurfers and bike (commute or long distance). I just started yoga, too.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about volunteering at Light up the Night?

You will receive many, many “thank-yous.” And, you will feel great to be making cycling safer in San Francisco!

Join Ben in making San Francisco a safer place to bike. We have two more events coming up this season – sign up to join us! Please note that you must be a current member of the SF Bicycle Coalition to volunteer with Light up the Night.

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