Meet Jenn Chan: Community Director of SF Cycling Club

Meet Jenn Chan, a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member-volunteer and the current Community Director of the San Francisco Cycling Club (SFCC). She is a former Bicycle Advocacy Intern at the SF Bicycle Coalition and is passionate about increasing accessibility to bikes and bike routes in San Francisco. Read on to enjoy Jenn’s contagious enthusiasm for biking in San Francisco, and — if you’re not already a member — invest in your city today.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What prompted you to become a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition?

Jenn: I was just getting into cycling as the initial safety improvements were implemented after the bike injunction was lifted. So as a new cyclist, I really appreciated the visible indicators that the streets were also meant for use by people biking – not just people driving. I became a member because I wanted to support the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s missions to make the streets safer for people biking of all ages and abilities, and to establish more crosstown routes.

What was your first volunteer experience with the SF Bicycle Coalition? What about your favorite volunteer experience?

I think my first volunteering experience was working Valet Bicycle Parking at Winterfest in 2012. My favorite volunteer experiences were 1) being a Bicycle Advocacy Intern and 2) the few times I was able to help with any aspect of Bike it Forwards. I think it’s just as important to increase accessibility to bicycles and opportunities to empower people to perform basic bike maintenance on their own equipment as it is to have safe routes to ride.

What’s your favorite thing about biking in the city?

There are so many things I love about biking in the city it’s hard to choose just one. Biking is both a functional and social activity for me. It allows me to experience the city on a different scale, so I can better explore the city while connecting with my friends. I also love being in command of my commute. It’s usually the fastest way for me to get from place to place, and I don’t have to worry about when the bus is coming or circling the block for parking.

Can you tell us about your work with SFCC?

As SFCC’s Community Director, my goal is to to find ways for our club members to give back to the community through cycling. Last year, we took over the planning and execution of the Supermarket Street Sweep, and we’ll soon be ramping up preparations for the 2017 edition. This year, we’ve had club members participating in burrito deliveries every month with Burrito Project SF and we donated the items collected from a parts drive to our friends over at the SF Yellow Bike Project.

I’ve also teamed up with a couple friends at Velo Vixens SF (Nia Ransom, Rachel Critelli) to put together a series of cycling-related events for women. Previous topics have included: fixing a flat tire, getting into racing, preparing for bike camping or touring, a craft night/bike swap, and a special session with the 17th Street Athletic Club covering basic bike fitting, stretching and core exercises.

Are there women-specific SFCC events or initiatives coming up?

Yes! On Wednesday, July 19, we’ll be having another women’s workshop at the Sports Basement on Bryant Street. At this event, SFCC members Kortney Parman and Caetie Ofiesh will speak to how we can eat to feel and perform our best on and off the bike. More information about the speakers as well as the event can be found on the Facebook event page here.

Our work making San Francisco’s streets more liveable and bikeable depends on the support of Jenn and over 10,000 more members. Today’s your chance to invest in the health and well-being of your city and become a member like Jenn: Join today!

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