2018 Board Voting

  • Online voting begins on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018 and ends Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 at 11:59 pm.
  • Members will each receive an individual e-mail on Jan. 31 with a code and link enabling them to vote. This code will be sent to the e-mail address on file through which the member receives communications from the SF Bicycle Coalition. If you do not see your invitation in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
  • Voting in person is also available during office hours at the SF Bicycle Coalition office (1720 Market St.) for the duration of the voting period.
  • Opportunities to meet and hear from candidates will be available at our annual Member Meeting and Open House.
  • Only current SF Bicycle Coalition members as of Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018 at 11:59 pm may cast a ballot.
  • Results will be announced in the Biker Bulletin email and the Tube Times magazine.
  • If you have technical questions regarding voting, please contact our election administrators at boardvoting@sfbike.org.


About SF Bicycle Coalition Board Elections

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Any SF Bicycle Coalition member can run for the board. The board is responsible for ensuring the organization’s financial health and achievement of its mission. The 15-member board is elected by the membership. There is a board election each year and terms are two years. Seven seats on the board of directors will be elected by the membership this year for the term beginning at the first board meeting following this election until the new board is seated following the 2020 board elections. A full timeline and detailed description of the process can be found here.

In each election, members of the board who are not running for re-election may select and recommend a number of candidates. These board-recommended candidates meet the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s goals for board leadership with respect to commitment to the mission, specific skills (e.g., organizational development, finance, fundraising), representation of bicycle and allied organizations, and diversity. The SF Bicycle Coalition Board developed the following list of top skills/qualities to consider when recommending candidates given this year’s organizational priorities as well as ongoing needs from the organization’s leadership.

This will be our first board election using ranked-choice voting, giving members the chance to rank their votes in order of preference. Our board of directors adopted ranked-choice voting in the hope that it will encourage increased member participation in our elections and our work. For more information about multi-winner ranked-choice voting, click here.

If you are a member who is interested in learning more about board service in future years, please contact us at boardnomination@sfbike.org.

Candidate Statements

*Individual candidate questionnaire responses can be viewed by clicking on candidates’ names below. You can view all candidate questionnaire responses here


Robin Abad Ocubillo

Board recommended

My name is Robin and I am passionately committed to the work of the SFBC! I have the skills and experience to serve you well on the Board of Directors. I have extensive professional experience in nonprofit and public sectors; also in volunteer leadership capacities on several nonprofit boards and board committees.

In my current role as an Urban Designer in the Policy Division of the SF Planning Department, I’ve worked with dozens of community and advocacy organizations on partnerships to advance open space, active transportation, and public space projects and legislation. I bring technical and policy fluency in urban planning and design, especially in street design; as well as deep knowledge of how our local government functions. Previously, I worked with LADOT People St. and the Mayor’s Great Streets Project on advocacy and performance evaluation of Complete Streets projects throughout L.A.

Please support me and SFBC United!


John Beckmann

Board recommended

I am a long-time SFBC member, have been a daily bike commuter for 10 years, and cycle my 2 year old son to school in Glen Park. As an advocate of cycling, I believe it is an important part of making San Francisco a livable, enjoyable, world-class city. Cycling is an environmentally friendly, and fun way to get around – but can be scary! I am running for the board because I want to help make cycling SAFE and ACCESSIBLE for ALL residents to explore our amazing city. For example – dedicated bike lanes make a huge difference!

The SFBC is instrumental in shaping transportation policy, and needs to continue to be transparent, democratic, and encourage strong member involvement to achieve its goals.

A strong board requires a mix of skills. I bring professional experience in finance, strategic planning and management to the board, as well as a parent’s perspective.


Bekki Bolthouse

Board recommended

Hi, I’m Bekki, a longtime member and volunteer. I’m excited to offer my skills in project and program management, strategic planning, group facilitation, and impact analysis to the Board and the wider organization.

I moved to San Francisco a few months before the Bicycle Plan Injunction (aka the “bike lane moratorium”) was lifted. During the seven years since, the SFBC has fostered an impressive collection of safety and usability improvements to our streets. I want to support the amazing staff that translate the Strategic Plan into projects and campaigns for better biking in SF.

This year I’m running for the Board to serve the organization in a new and meaningful way. I’ll keep selling raffle tickets and championing memberships at our wonderful events and look forward to this new chapter of service. I hope you’ll cast your top-ranked votes for me and SFBC United.


Mary Kay Chin (incumbent)

Board recommended

I am running for re-election because I believe the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition can lead our transportation community into a more just and active future. During my first term on the board, I served as board secretary and submitted timely and extensive minutes. I also served on the membership, board development and strategic planning committees.

In 2015 I was a recipient of the Golden Wheel award for my work with the SF Yellow Bike Project, a community-led bicycle resource in the Tenderloin.

I am committed to making our streets safer and more accessible for all community members, with an emphasis on women, women of color and underserved communities.

As a 10-year member, I believe in keeping biking as my primary mode of transportation. I live car-free in the Tenderloin.

Please visit SaveSFBike.org for a voter guide.


Shirley Johnson (incumbent)

Board recommended

I’ve served two years on the board and am running for re-election to help the SFBC become an even stronger and more effective advocate for you. Our streets need to be safer and more welcoming for all bicycle riders!

An active 17-year member, I was awarded the SFBC’s Golden Wheel in 2014 for my leadership of the volunteer-run BIKES ONboard project, which was instrumental in significantly increasing bike capacity on Caltrain and eliminating the rush-hour bicycle ban on BART. Along with advocacy expertise, I bring experience serving in leadership positions on other nonprofit boards and bicycle advisory committees.

Living car-free, I commute by bike to work in South SF and enjoy international bicycle tours. I hold a doctorate in chemical engineering from Stanford University and work as a biotechnology consultant.

I strongly support a member-driven, democratic SFBC. Our strength is in our members!

Visit SaveSFBike.org for a voter guide.


Marie Jonas

I am an active SFBC member and committed volunteer. SFBC helped get me on the bike and keep me there: for that I’m forever grateful! I have been involved in many aspects of the organization, including as a regular volunteer at events like BTWD and Sunday Streets. Now I commute by bike daily, even riding to court when I have local hearings. Rec rides keep things fresh, and I’m riding the AIDS/LifeCycle for the second time in 2018 – giving me key fundraising experience.

Off the bike, I’m an attorney who represents nonprofits, with valuable expertise on issues like fiduciary responsibilities and resolving organizational challenges. I will bring my strong and insightful voice to the Board, along with experience in fundraising and organizing, to prioritize what matters to members and help achieve the vision of the Strategic Plan. Please support me and other SFBC United candidates!


Jean Kao

Board recommended

I’ve been an SFBC member and active volunteer ever since moving to SF in 2006. Though I love working events (you may have seen me in my blue or green wig!), I’m excited by the opportunity to do even more for the organization and community.

Since I ride my bike everywhere, I’m passionate about the work the SFBC does and the role they play in making our streets safe and equitable. I feel lucky and grateful that their work has benefited me on a daily basis, and I want to help make biking in San Francisco welcoming and practical for everyone. As a former startup cofounder and entrepreneur I bring my skills in strategic planning, business analytics, and project management to help the organization keep growing and moving forward.

I’m also the organizer of the Norcal Bicycle Touring meetup and a trained Legal Observer with the National Lawyers Guild.


Jane Natoli

Board recommended

Hi, my name is Jane Natoli. I’m a Financial Crimes analyst for a startup here in San Francisco, a board member at the SF LGBT Center, and I’m honored to be a recommended candidate for the SFBC Board.

Those of us riding deserve better infrastructure, but it will be transformative for folks who don’t feel comfortable or safe riding here.

Let’s make a truly connected, livable city with complete streets where we see those folks who tell us it’s too unsafe to ride here pull up next to us at a light on a bike someday soon. I want to see the entire city connected by lanes and all types of folks riding their bikes, especially more trans folks like me. We can make this happen and I’m eager to keep doing the work with you to create that city.

Please support me and other SFBC United candidates! Thank you!


Preston Rhea

I’ve been in the Bike Coalition since I moved to SF, and I bike to and from my Outer Richmond home and work in Soma every day. I want to share with SFBC my skills as a team manager at a local ISP, experience on the board of the Community Technology Network, and enjoyment of cycling communities like SF and East Bay Bike Party. Since 2014, I’ve also led a weekly ride to Ocean Beach called “bike religion” — riders touch the ocean and reflect before heading to work.

The new SFBC Strategic Plan aims high, and I’m committed to realizing it. Vote for me if you want SFBC to prioritize:
– expanding and activating membership
– safe and enjoyable infrastructure for all people to benefit from cycling
– building a mass movement in the city around SFBC’s priorities, including realizing Vision Zero! We can save lives!


Dana Seabury

Board recommended

My three-year old son and I bike regularly to/from school and work. I know first-hand how important it is to have well-designed, safe streets, for all ages and abilities.

I’d like to use my professional experience, including budget oversight and new/renewed fundraising sources to support the SFBC. I also offer team leadership, collaboration, and problem solving skills to continue to fulfill the mission of the SFBC.

And I’m especially inspired to take the time to help implement the new 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and advocate for you, our members. Let’s all work together, members, staff and board of directors, to embody the values of this plan, and lay the foundation for the next generation of biking in SF. I will make it a priority to support the achievement of these goals, to benefit our members, our local communities, and our city.


Kelli Shields

Board recommended

As a 10+ year SFBC member and bicycle commuter, I am committed to making San Francisco a better city- cleaner, healthier, safer, more sustainable, more accessible- through bicycling.

I am a tenants’ rights attorney representing tenants exclusively throughout the Bay Area. In addition to tenant advocacy, I am a longtime social and environmental activist, have represented organizations in nonprofit formation and nonprofit governance and compliance issues, and have been a fundraiser for environmental, social justice and public interest organizations.

I would use this experience as a member of the board to ensure the SFBC continues to have the financial and organizational backing needed to shape the city’s transportation policy.

I support bicycling as a form of public transportation that should be safe, affordable and accessible for everyone. I believe we can and should fight privatization of our city’s transportation infrastructure.

I am proud to be recommended by the SFBC board.


Andy Thornley (incumbent)

Board recommended

I’ve been an active and engaged member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition since 1994. During that time I’ve energetically evangelized and embodied the SFBC’s mission to promote the bicycle for everyday transportation, a constant contributor to the growth and mainstreaming of bicycling in San Francisco, as well as to the growth and strength of the SFBC itself.

I’m an everyday bicycle rider, a bicycle commuter, a bicycle shopper, a bicycle joyrider, a bicycle lifestyle salesman. My wife and I are Richmond District renters, and my day job is with the SF Municipal Transportation Agency, managing the right of way for safe equitable sustainable streets for everyone.

I’ve been honored to serve a term on the SFBC’s board of directors, and I believe I’ve helped the organization in that role; I’m eager to serve another 2-year term, and I’d be most grateful for your support. [endorsed by SFBC United]


Abigail Tinker

Board recommended

I moved to SF in 2009 and joined SFBC right away, I’ve been car free and biking ever since. When not commuting (rain or shine!) I love riding dirt and bike camping.

I benefit daily from improvements to bike infrastructure that SFBC has helped win, but there’s still so much to do and so many changes coming. I see this first hand; my work at PG&E focuses on electric vehicle implementation. I’m running for SFBC Board to ensure that biking isn’t compromised by emerging transportation technologies.

Over the last year I participated in SFBC’s Strategic Plan Committee and am fired up to help execute on what members told us they want. Financial health will be crucial to reach these goals. My business background, board/leadership roles at 3 non-profits, and experience in financial modeling can help perform the Board’s fiduciary duties.

Please support me and other SFBC United candidates!


Matt Wisniewski

Board recommended

As someone who has used their bicycle to get around San Francisco for the past ten years, I look forward to the transformation of this city into a safer, more fun, and more equitable place to ride. I started using a bicycle in San Francisco because it was the best thing for my budget- and as a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Board member I would be sure to elevate people who ride for similar reasons. While my relationship to riding a bicycle has changed- I now also see it as a way to keep my city, my body, and my planet healthy- a constant has been the SFBC. I’m looking to give back to an organization that has made a tangible difference in my life, and it would be a pleasure to put my skills and experience in the nonprofit sector to use as a Board member.

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