Caltrain’s Future Design Is in Your Hands

Three million dollars.

That’s the amount that Caltrain staff has recommended to give a much-needed jump start to their bike parking program as they plan for the future of their commuter rail system.

As the Caltrain Board of Directors prepares for a big decision next week, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition continues highlighting the need to ensure that Caltrain remains the most bike-friendly system in the Bay Area.

The Caltrain Bike Station at 4th and King was opened in 2008 and now regularly is packed beyond capacity.

The Caltrain Bike Station at 4th and King was opened in 2008 and now regularly is packed beyond capacity.

On July 2, the Caltrain Board will determine the design for the future electrified train cars. This decision will include the number of bike spaces to be included on each train, as well as access on and off the trains.

This decision, along with funding to increase secure bike parking, will determine what Caltrain looks like for years to come, and we need your support. Demand a new train design that serves all its riders and does not turn away bike ridership. Here are the detailed recommendations we’re making on behalf of our members.

Write a letter today to urge the Caltrain Board to vote for a bike-friendly system.

 Email the Caltrain Board Today

Here’s what we need from you to make the new Caltrain car design truly serve all riders:

  • Urge the Caltrain Board to pass a design that provides bike capacity for at least 16 percent of Caltrain passengers;
  • Support the transit agency making it an official goal that at least 20 percent of Caltrain passengers will access the system by bike by 2020; and
  • Thank Caltrain staff for recommending a significant $3 million investment in secure bike parking and encourage the Board to approve this recommendation.

And save the date for Thursday, July 2: the Caltrain Board of Directors will meet at Caltrain’s headquarters in San Carlos for this crucial vote. If you’re able to make it or have any questions about our Caltrain work, email

If you’re having trouble with the button above, send an email using the above talking points:


Subject: I Support More Bike Space On Board and More Bike Parking for Caltrain

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