This Just In: The Family Biking Mini Guide

By Michaela Tait Morrison


The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to roll out our new easy-to-read Family Biking Mini Guide.  The very popular original Family Biking Guide provides well explained strategies to help parents understand what biking as a family will be like. In response to feedback from parents at our family biking events, the new Mini Guide is simplified and condensed for on-the-go, quick information about safe, fun biking for your family. The new Mini Guide is full of illustrations of family biking gear. It highlights important safety tips for families biking with children of all ages.

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Family Biking Mini Guide covers a broad range of information for people biking from pregnancy well into parenthood. We have tips on choosing the right gear and adapt to added weight for mothers-to-be. An overview of the kinds of gear available for pedaling your little ones around town. And we offer information on how to transition your children successfully to independent biking when the time is right.

We hope to build on the success of our original Family Biking Guide by offering this Family Biking Mini Guide as a resource for families in San Francisco and across the country. Please check out this updated, more accessible survey of everything you and the parents in your life may need to know about embracing the fun and freedom of biking with family.

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