Tour de Fat Fixture: Member-Volunteer Patrick Lindley

Tour de Fat Volunteer

Tour de Fat, Fat Tire’s festival of beer, bikes and bemusement is only days away! Are you one of the 150-plus volunteers who will lead the games, park the bikes and pour the brews? If you haven’t committed yet, let superstar member-volunteer Patrick Lindley explain why this is a can’t-miss opportunity.

SF Bicycle Coalition: You volunteered at Tour de Fat last year. What made you want to volunteer again this year?

Patrick: I loved volunteering at Tour de Fat last year! It was such a great time and wonderful atmosphere — especially with the games, performers, music and crazy bikes to try riding. Seeing everyone, including fellow San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Ambassadors and other volunteers, having so much fun is one of the main reasons I’m excited to volunteer again.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering at Tour de Fat?

My favorite part about volunteering at Tour de Fat and for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition in general is definitely the amazing people I get to interact with. It’s so rewarding and satisfying to enjoy such great social experiences, especially with this sense of belonging to this huge and beautiful community of other people who bike.

What’s the best costume you’ve seen at Tour de Fat?

There have been a lot of amazing, hilarious, ridiculous and, of course, creative costumes. I remember really being drawn to all of the light reflecting off of some sort of awesome disco costume that even included the disco ball helmet! I can’t wait to see what people do this year.

Do you have any memorable experiences from Tour de Fat last year?

I had an awesome time playing my music on my bike during the ride/parade before I started volunteering, and also had a blast trying out the different crazy bikes. Some of them were so ridiculous and hard to ride! I really enjoyed the tent performers, too.

When not volunteering at Tour de Fat or riding your bicycle around town, what do you do for work/fun?

When I’m not volunteering for Tour de Fat or riding my bicycle all around San Francisco, I’m thrilled to work at the Exploratorium science museum, which is an amazing place to work and visit. I love being outdoors, walking, hiking and exploring our many hilltops. I hope to see you around — whether I’m riding my bicycle on the Embarcadero, along busy Market Street, through Golden Gate Park, along the Great Highway, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge or working hard to climb a big hill. Please stop me anytime to say hi!

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