Preserve a Piece of Bike History

Duboce Mural Restoration

Great public art relies on community giving, and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition needs your help to maintain the beauty of the Duboce Bikeway Mural. Will you help us raise funds for cleaning solution and varnish that will keep the mural looking fresh?


Unveiled in 1998, the Duboce Bikeway Mural is approaching its 20-year anniversary. This 340-foot long piece of public art stands at the entrance to the popular Wiggle bike route. Mona Caron, a student artist at the time, designed the mural and coordinated with former SF Bicycle Coalition leader Joel Pomerantz to transform the Duboce Bikeway. Inspired by community members living nearby, Mona designed a magnificent mural that represents a bike-friendly San Francisco.

The Duboce Mural has for years served as an inspiration for a different approach to city life and is widely loved by the biking community. Greeting people who ride the Wiggle, the Mural demonstrates the accessibility of bicycling in the city. As Joel says, “Everyone loves it! There’s educational value, beauty and inspiration to increase public art that shows local history, too. The mural illustrates some of SF’s transportation history, natural history and includes a vision of a better city. But even more important was the community that formed through the process of creating the mural with the help of the neighborhood and volunteers.”

With age comes the need for maintenance. After two decades, the mural is in need of a healthy coat of varnish that will preserve the images and facilitate future cleaning. Turning again to the generosity of the community, we are asking for your help to fund the supplies.

With a goal of $10,000, your donation will help preserve this long-standing piece of art for the next decade. The Duboce Mural came to life because of the generosity of SF Bicycle Coalition members, and will continue to live on thanks to your dedication to a beautiful and more bike-friendly city.

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