Valencia Street Needs Your Help

The experience of biking Valencia has changed dramatically since 1999, when bike lanes were first striped there. Those bike lanes, however, haven’t kept up with changing times.

Today, it’s rare to bike down Valencia without weaving around illegally parked Ubers, Lyfts and delivery vehicles. Valencia is long overdue for improvements that change how we use this important corridor. Now that funding has been approved, we won’t back down until the new bike lane is on the ground. If you ride Valencia Street, will you make a special donation to support our work to see it through?


The paint that constituted such a substantial victory in the ‘90s is no longer enough. The rise of Uber, Lyft and delivery companies has transformed Valencia into a dangerous obstacle course. It’s past time to add protected bike lanes so that this important north-south corridor offers a safe, stress-free biking experience.

The chance to see protected bike lanes on Valencia lies before us, including improvements as soon as next year. Help build our people-powered movement to advocate for protected bike lanes on the entire length of Valencia Street. Make a donation today.

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