WATCH THE VIDEO: Bike Lanes, Gentrification, and Anti-Blackness Webinar

We know that white supremacy has undoubtedly played a role in our work — and in order to truly fight for safe, just, and livable streets, we must talk about how race intersects with biking and transportation.

On August 3, we gathered with hundreds of members and friends over Zoom for our Bike Lanes, Gentrification, and Anti-Blackness webinar led by moderators Audrey Harris and Meaghan Mitchell, and panelists Shakirah Simley (Director, San Francisco’s Office of Racial Equity), Ariel Ward (Transportation Engineer, SFMTA), Kenya Wheeler (Principal Transportation Planner, SFMTA), and Brytanee Brown (Strategic Planner, Thrivance Group).

Watch the recording here or read the transcript here:

We have a long way to go to end anti-Blackness in our community and we know that we must continue having these conversations.

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