Welcome, Jen

The External Affairs Director is a new position at the SF Bicycle Coalition, dedicated to managing our external relationships, including with members, partners, and journalists. We’re happy to welcome Jen Gennari, who brings experience in journalism, environmental advocacy and sustainable transportation.

Tell us about your new role.

Strengthening our connections to one another is central to how I work, and that’s why I’m thrilled to serve as the External Affairs Director. I am looking forward to improving the ways we communicate, making sure people receive the information and news they want to hear, in a format they’d like. It’s incredible to work with such a stellar group of existing staff, too, who do a great job managing our events, programs and campaigns. I hope to see you at Winterfest!

What sparked your interest in bicycle advocacy?

It’s important to me to live sustainably to mitigate climate change, and one of the most joyful choices I’ve made is to bike to work, to the grocery store, and to the library. Making it easier for more people to bike requires leadership, which is why San Francisco is so lucky to have the SF Bicycle Coalition. Our strategic plan is one of the clearest documents I’ve seen in a long time, and we’re making strides toward achieving those goals. Once more people choose to pedal, San Francisco will be a healthier and greener place to live and work.

Where do you see the need for change?

I am a multimodal commuter, and I’d love to see more women riding bikes for everyday transportation! I ride often on Market Street and Howard; protection from cars and buses will go a long way to make bike commuting a viable option for more people. Biking is an affordable transportation choice, too, and we’re making sure access is equitable across the city.

Why do you ride?

Riding a bicycle always makes me feel 15 again — and keeps me fit and healthy. My most exciting recent trip was RAGBRAI, a ride across Iowa where I experienced communities coming together to feed and cheer on everyone biking — young, old, and differently abled.

The joy I experience riding is what I hope for everyone, and I hope to help build a community of people who see the imperative to make San Francisco a welcoming place to ride a bike.

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