Women + Bike Night Community Gathering

Huge thanks to the over 60 women and men who joined us for last week’s Women + Bikes Night at Sports Basement!

The number of women bicycling in San Francisco is on the rise, but women currently makes up less than 1/3 of the people biking in our city. Last week’s Women + Bike night was a fun evening filled with short films and conversation, giving women and men a way to network, share ideas and start a conversation about how we can close the gender gap in bicycling in San Francisco.

The SF Bicycle Coalition is working to help more women get rolling with programs that meet the needs of our community. There’s a lot of enthusiasm, excitement and many, many fantastic ideas going around after the Women’s Program was launched at this film event. Here are a few of the top things that participants said would help women get rolling:

  • More fun ways for women to connect through bicycling.
  • Better bike-friendly clothing for women.
  • Better bicycle infrastructure and parking in our city.
  • More bicycle education for drivers and bicyclists.

The SF Bicycle Coalition was thrilled by the turnout and response from our first Women + Bikes night, and we are looking forward to continuing the conversation about how to get more women on the road. Take a look at the pictures and sign up for our new Women Bike SF Meetup Group to stay in the loop on upcoming events and to add to the discussion!

Thank you to Diana and Sports Basement for hosting our first Women + Bikes night, to Kristin and Judy B. for sharing their fabulous short film the Spinster, and to our own Ellie McCutcheon for sharing her short film An Ode to Bicycling!

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