Board Elections: Second Update from the Candidates

Members elect our all-volunteer Board of Directors, and that election is happening now through Dec. 4. Candidates have submitted their second 75-word statements for our members. The first supplemental candidate statements can be found here. Members may vote online by visiting our main Board Election page here. Voting will conclude at Winterfest, where members will have an opportunity to meet candidates and cast their votes in person. Want to hear more from the candidates, but couldn’t make the member meeting on 11/17? You can view video of it here. Statements from the candidates start at 55:00

Supplemental Candidate Statements


Nicholas Aulston

SF Bicycle Coalition Board recommended // Save SF Bike endorsed

Nic Alston

I believe that the SFBC membership has a tremendous amount of bike knowledge and expertise.  As a board member I would apply my skills as a planner, cartographer, activist, and open minded person to request more opportunities for members to apply their experiences to the biking community.

Additionally, I would look to push the board to expand the current SFBC membership base to include cycling advocates from areas of the city.


Rocky Beach (incumbent)

SF Bicycle Coalition Board recommended

As a board member and dedicated 10+ year member, I’ve worked hard to connect more people to bicycling in San Francisco. From signing up members at Bike to Work Day to hosting a SFBC fundraiser every year, I’ve committed my skills, enthusiasm and time to expand and promote the great work of the organization.  I’m thankful to have served on the board the past four years and I ask for your vote for another term. 


John Beckmann

SF Bicycle Coalition Board recommended

John Beckmann

Hello SFBC! In our final statement before the election – I’d like to reiterate three things: (1) I am extremely passionate about promoting cycling as the ideal form of transportation around San Francisco, (2) I believe strongly that growing the SFBC membership, and encouraging its participation, are critical to the coalition’s success, and (3) Physically separated bike lanes, both permanent and temporary, are the most powerful improvements to biker safety. Thank you for your vote! 


Yogi Hendlin

Viva SFBC’s leadership connecting people, driving progressive city transit policy, supporting marginalized communities, and networking regional and statewide cycling and transit organizations! As an environmental philosopher in public health policy at the University of California, San Francisco, I’m prepared to skillfully navigate the opportunities the SFBC confronts. My record of activism and published research on cycling issues from the Bay, LA, and Berlin, provides me with the political muscle and vision to represent YOU.


Marie Jonas

SF Bicycle Coalition Board recommended

Marie Jonas

I have the recommendation of the SFBC Board, and I would love your support.

What I bring (besides my belief in SFBC’s mission):

Legal expertise representing non-profits. I can identify potential problems for SFBC early, and think creatively about solutions that work.

Dedication to fundraising. I have raised thousands of dollars for charitable and political organizations. I am not afraid to pound the pavement and to make the calls!

Questions? Contact me. Thanks!


Lindy Kae Patterson

SF Bicycle Coalition Board recommended // Save SF Bike endorsed

Lindy Kae

As a nonprofit brand strategist and creative director, I’ve helped many boards integrate strong brand strategy into the strategic planning process. A big thing I’ve learned over the years: a great strategic planning process can achieve more than mapping out programmatic goals for the future. It can play a vital role in building community and generating cultural momentum. I’d be honored to have the opportunity to support this critical work on the SFBC Board.


Adam Keats

SF Bicycle Coalition Board recommended // Save SF Bike endorsed

Adam Keats

My experience as general counsel, program director, and litigating attorney of a national environmental group, along with my 20 years of daily urban bicycle commuting, is directly relevant to SFBC and would be valuable to the board.  I want to put my experience and passion to work for SFBC and its amazing staff because I believe that bicycling is the tonic for our ills. More bikes = less cars, cleaner air, and happier people!


Jeremy Pollock

SF Bicycle Coalition Board Recommended // Save SF Bike endorsed

Jeremy Pollock

Save SF Bike helped organize a Bike Talk on diversity in our movement. In talking about the need for bike advocates to understand intersectionality, Tamika Butler (ED of LA-Bike) said, “there is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”

As a board member, I want bring in experts like Tamika to help our Strategic Planning process grapple with how bike advocacy can advance social justice in the Trump era.


Lauren Sailor

Save SF Bike endorsed


I support ranked-choice voting and a member-elected Board to ensure the diversity of our membership is represented in our leadership.

It should be easy for members to contact the Board, and if elected I’ll plan more events where members can interact with the Board in person.

You’re invited to the bike ride and happy hour I’m planning next month, or to e-mail me anytime to get in touch!

Please vote SaveSFbike to improve our organization.


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