Women Bike SF Leads In: Workshop Recap

In the past year and a half since we started Women Bike SF, we’ve had over 700 women, trans* and femme (WTF) riders join us for events and coffee hours, sharing their stories and leadership. In San Francisco, where only 30 percent of people biking identify as WTF, we’ve found a ton of enthusiasm for reaching new riders, especially among WTF folks who already ride.

On April 21, we held our second leadership workshop and had twice the number of people join us over last year. Every person in the workshop had a different story and interest in joining us, and honestly, that’s what Women Bike SF is all about!

The workshop was in a new format this year, using a ‘zine we made about “Leading In” (you can download here) that has plenty of space for self-assessment and action planning, encouraging WTF riders to locate themselves as leaders in the bike lanes. We also used an interactive activity method to think about what else we can do to get more WTF people riding.


Many of the participants had taken our pledge to get another WTF rider rolling this Bike Month. One participant even brought the friend she entered the raffle with to the workshop. If you want to get someone riding in May, sign our Pledge. You and your friend will be entered into a raffle for amazing t-shirts donated by Keirin Cut Jeans or bike gear donated by Wilderness Trail Bicycles (WTB). Not sure how to get them riding? We have lots of events and resources to help you out.

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